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GIGAVision Technology

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About Us

GIGAVison Technology Sdn Bhd (GVT), incorporated in Malaysia, under the company registrar act 1965 as private limited company. Its office is situated in Penang state, Northern Malaysia which is the leading manufacturing hub of electronic product since couple of decades ago.

GVT established in year 2006, specialised in LCD and semicondcutors products. Throughout the years, the core value of the company has been driven majorly by LCD demand and this has prompted the company to add more agency products.

We supply in wide range of LCD solution and LCD related product for different kind of market segment such as commercial, industrial, automotive and scientific or medical products. Our business can be divided into two major types which is for price sensitive product and technology sensitive (driven) product. Our ability in meeting those types of market is making the company becoming one of the mainstream supplies for Southeast Asia market region.

A little example for our distinctive product for monochrome LCD – contrast of 1000:1 with no ghost image (cross talk issue) and is a pure black background at superb wide viewing angle (L/R:60 degree) within a TN duty ratio.

As for TFT LCD, We can deliver a 1000 nits of brightness for various sizes, transflective/sunlight readable, ultra wide viewing angle and etc.

Competitive conversion market is another set of business that we are constantly on alert status. We supply series of compatible LCD products that matching the Japanese brands of TFT LCD. This is in right position for customer that looking for product replacement due to price or EOL issue.

GVT has also working and partnering with other manufacturers for LCD related products. We see this area as a value added services to help customer shortening their design cycle, reduce customer design burden as well as a single supply-chain for the buyer.

  • ~LCD – monochrome LCD, CSTN LCD, TFT LCD & OLED

  • ~Touch Panel – Resistive 4W~5W~8W, Surface Capacitive Single Touch & Projected Capacitive Multi-Touch

  • ~Touch Panel Controller IC & Module For USB Interface

  • ~CMOS type Camera Module

  • ~Wire harness for LCD ~ LVDS cable, LED cable and other data cable.

  • ~Protective glass – anti tempering and anti reflection.

  • ~Assembly of touch panel for LCD module

We bring to you the greater LCD solution…


Redesign TFT LCD panel from CCFL backlight to LED backlight with achievement of 1000 nits of brightness. This is to fulfil niche market that required for higher brightness and long life span of backlight.

A high quality Touch panel attached on top of a TFT LCD panel, tested and burn in for reliability! An optional Touch panel controller and cables, together with a complete software that support OS such as windows 9X, NT, XP, Vista, CE, Mac, Linux .. etc.

A PCB solution provide all required circuitry for LCD display such as multi sets of power supply, TV decoder, Timing controller, etc. Thus provide customer an easy way of implement display into their products to reduce development time and cost !

Solution Kit include of driver board , inverter, keyboard, wiring harness,etc. all you need for display. Customer can match with their panel and our Driver board to complete the task of display.


Display Kit include LCD panel, Driver Board, Inverter, Keyboard and wiring harness., etc. Customer can have the complete display solution by using this kit.


A complete solution to mount the display kit into a frame structure, assembled and tested, it can greatly reduce the customer’s complex assembly job.


Standard input signal for VGA (computer) and, or Video, with or without Touch panel solution.


Power supply for CCFL lamp to provide light source for LCD.


Power supply for LED lamp to provide light source for LCD.


Convert LCD interface from Digital RGB signal into LVDS signal. Customer can buy this converter board to use for TFT LCD panel that with digital/TTL interface. We are seeing more requirements for LVDS signal interface.