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GIGAVision Technology

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Lithium Button Cell (Coin) Battery

Lithium button cell battery or some people called it coin battery is a high energy, high reliability battery type for a varieties of application. The 3 volts for this high energy density batteriy is almost double comparatively to conventional dry type of battery. Lithium manganese dioxide lithium battery (CR series) is for application that requires strong load pulse characteristics.

Coin-shaped cells are thin compared to their diameter. The metal can is the positive terminal, and the cap is the negative terminal. CR denotes manganese dioxide lithium chemistry. Since LiMnO2 cells produce 3 volts there are no widely available alternate chemistries for a CR coin battery. Conversely, one LiMnO2 cell can replace two alkaline or silver-oxide cells. All these lithium cells are rated nominally 3 volts (on-load), with open circuit voltage about 3.6 volts. The IEC “CR” prefix indicates a round, lithium/manganese dioxide cell.

GIGAVision Technology offers China No.1 button cell battery maker in terms of quality and quantity. A  market renowned manufacturer (C.Y.E)  with 15 years of designing and manufacturing experience , solely for button cell factory. The factory was awarded officially by the government as Hi-Tech Enterprise and a Environmentally-Friendly Enterprise in China. The factory is certified with ISO9001 & ISO14001. Products are certified with SGS test confirmation for RoHS, REACH, UL (North America), European safety standard EC-2066-66 (EU) and COC for Un38.3.

The factory in 2008, have applied 10 patents for self-developed automatic production lines. The production line is deploying the most advance technology in mainland China comparing to others. Raw materials suppliers are Dupont of American brand for seal ring and POSCO from Korea for the stainless steel.

Current factory area is 12000for monthly output of button cell battery of 30 million pcs. As to cope with the increasing market demand and gearing for the world No.1 button cell manufacturer, the company will have second factory by 2012 for fully aut0mated production and production line will be increase to 40 lines. Monthly output is expected to be 2x of the current 30 millions pcs a month.

Present main market including OEM customer (Japan) and direct customer in Japan, Europe and USA. A part for applying C.Y.C.E products for normal commercial product, CYCE also start gaining market share for computer motherboard segment. This is considered a great achievement for the company. Button cell battery for computer motherboard is very important as a stanby mode or sleep mode back-up as well. Performance, durability and quality are critical factors for acceptance and approval.

Button Cell Series
CR927  CR1025 CR1130
CR1212 CR1216 CR1220 CR1225
CR1616 CR1620 CR1625 CR1632
CR2016 CR2025 CR2032
CR2430 CR2450 CR2477

Pls refer to the sub-categories for respective CR series of button cell battery, next to your click.

To show you in below picture for some of the available special type of button cell battery.