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GIGAVision Technology

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Lithium Polymer

Lithium-Ion Polymer battery or Polymer Lithium Ion, or more commonly lithium polymer battery (abbreviated Li-poly, Li-Pol, LiPo, LIP, PLI or LiP) is rechargeable type of battery. Li-poly battery is thin, rectangular, lightweight battery used in many electronic items such as notebooks, or laptops, computers and cell phones. Li-poly battery is considered to be a safer alternative to lithium ion batteries. Comparatively, Li-poly is not prone to flammability, potentially lower cost of manufacture, adaptability to a wide variety of packaging shapes, and ruggedness.

A compelling advantage of Li-poly cells is that manufacturers can shape the battery at their needs which is important to mobile phone and portable devices who is constantly working on smaller, thinner, and lighter devices.

GIGAVision Technology is partnering with PSE (Power Source Energy Co.,Ltd) to offer wide range of Li-poly battery cell and pack for variety of application, ranging from commercial application to industrial application.

PSE Founded in 2005, located in Taipei, Taiwan and the factory in Shenzhen with a total occupying area of 36,300 m2. PSE is a professional manufacturer of rechargeable Lithium-based polymer cells in the world and distinguishes itself with strong R&D team, led by world famous battery Expert, Dr. Jim Lee, quality and efficient manufacturing, and speedy global service.
As of now, PSE already formed a monthly production capacity of multi-millions Ah which consist of more than 300 specifications and has proudly obtained the certification of ISO9001: 2000, CE, UL and RoHS(2002/95/EC) & 2006/66/EC Directive. 
 PSE Core Competence
1. Wide range capacity from 35 mAh to 25000 mAh
2. High quality production and competitive cost
3. Customized Pack (ODM/OEM Service)
4. Stable charging & discharging characteristics
5. High quality & safety in High-Temperature Conditions
6. Ultra thin battery can be made up to the thickness of 0.6mm
1. LiCoO2 Cell (Copper) : 3.7 Voltage, High Capacity, Cycle Life 500 times
 2. LiFePO4 Cell (Metal) : 3.2 Voltage, High Safety, Cycle Life 2000 times
 Quality Certification
1. Shenzhen factory – ISO9001:2000 (ANAB2009Q5615)
2. Cell qualification -  UL1642 safety file No.: BBCV2. MH45087
                                      RoHS (2002/95/EC)     
                                      2006/66/EC Directive     
                                      Insurance US$1,000,000. (Policy NO.: 0500-97MLW00130)     
                                      CE NO.: BT0708201381             
 Li-ion cell v.s Li-ion Polymer cell
  Li-ion Li-ion Polymer
Density of Weight-Capacity  150 mAh/g (Japan Technology) 170mAh/g
  125 mAh/g (China Technology)  
Safety  Some battery vendors leave out  No explosion issue as use 
  the Relief Valve for cost down aluminum foil package.
  might cause the high danger  Not prone to flammability
  from explosion issue  
Flexibility of Size  Low High
Minimum Thickness  3mm 0.6mm
Electrical Characteristics  Same Same
Cost 1 1.1